MBBS in Ukraine


Ukraine is the best international destinations for Pakistani students to study MBBS is Ukraine. Top universities are listed under PMC. MBBS from Ukraine is safe & affordable because it offers low-cost medical colleges with quality education. Student can easily get admission in MBBS degree in top universities located in Ukraine. An estimated budget of 40 – 60 lacs PKR is required to study medical and to cover the expenses of whole 6 years.

Ukraine is a good destination which is becoming quite popular among MBBS aspirants across the international medical world. The medical colleges of Ukraine offer the best value in terms of curriculum, infrastructure to students. The requirements for MBBS admission in Ukraine is too much simple, No test for foreign students. Government medical universities in Ukraine are offering MBBS at a very reasonable price compared to countries like China, Russia, etc.



  •  Low cost medical colleges located in Ukraine
  •  Affordable cost of living and accommodation
  •  Medium of instruction – English
  •  PMC listed universities
  •  High quality of education
  •  WHO recognized universities
  •  NLE coaching also provided by universities
  •  A better alternative for Indian students
  •  IELTS or TOEFL not required to get admission in MBBS in Ukraine


  •  Minimum 50% aggregate in ( Physics- Chemistry-Biology)
  •  Valid passport
  •  CNIC
  • 4 Pictures white background
  • Medical Insurance
  • COVID Test


  •  Original Passport
  •  12th Marksheet
  •  Birth Certificate /Affidavit
  •  Bank statement of father or mother ( Please Note: Passbook copy is not acceptable)
  •  6 months original bank statement with stamp on it.
    1. Minimum closing balance not less than Rs 6.5 Lacs.
    2. In case an account is opened less than 6 months then a letter from the bank manager stating when the account was opened.
    3. If bank statement is of the student (minimum balance of Rs 6.5 lacs is required).
  •  Sponsorship affidavit on a 10 Rs. Stamp paper ( Original).
  •  If student is below 18 yrs Minor Affidavit (10 rs stamp) of mother/ father required.
  •  Copy of ID of parents giving affidavit and original should be same and notarised.
  •  10 Passport size VISA photographs (white background) required.
  •  Student Pan card copy ( For Dollar exchange and forex card)
  •  For further details about the required documents, please contact your respective counsellor.


  •  General medicine
  •  Dentistry
  •  Pharmacy
  •  Nursing


Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered through Russia to the north-east; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west; and Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea to the south. It has an area of 603,628 km 2 (233,062 sq. mi) and it the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, and the 46th-largest country in the world. Ukraine has a population of about 42 million people, making it the ninth-most populous country in Europe, and the 32nd-most populous country in the world. Its capital and largest city are Kyiv. The dominant religion in the country is Eastern Orthodoxy.

LanguageUkrainian is the official language and its alphabet is Cyrillic. Russian is also the language that is widely spoken, especially in eastern and southern Ukraine.

PopulationThe current population of Ukraine is 43,556,612 as of Thursday, March 4, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. Ukraine ranks number 35 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.

CostPursuing MBBS in Ukraine is the second best alternative option for Indian students as it offers low cost medical colleges with high quality education in Ukraine.

FoodThe Ukrainian cuisine incorporates a variety of different food branches (carbohydrates, fats, protein, fruits and vegetables) due to the large size of the country and the plentiful edible resources. Traditional Ukrainian dishes often experience a complex heating process – at first they are fried or boiled, and then stewed or baked. This is the most distinctive feature of Ukrainian cuisine. Majority of dishes contains staple vegetables such as potato, cabbages, beetroots and mushrooms. The traditional diet of Ukraine includes chicken, pork, beef, fish and mushrooms and they also tend to eat a lot of potatoes, grains, fresh, boiled or pickled vegetables. Top traditional dishes include varenyky which is boiled dumplings with mushrooms, potatoes, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, cherries or berries. Another one named nalysnyky, in particular it is a pancake with cottage cheese, poppy seeds, mushrooms, caviar or meat. Other dishes are Kapusniak which is a soup made by meat potatoes, carrots, onions, millet, tomato paste, spices and fresh herbs; Borscht is a hot beetroot soup that satisfies both meat-eaters and vegetarians; holubtsy is a roll of stuffed cabbage filled with rice, carrots, onion and minced meat; and pierogi. Specialties of Ukraine also include Chicken Kiev and Kiev cake and in drinks it includes stewed fruit, juices, milk, buttermilk from which they make cottage cheese, mineral water, coffee, beer, wine and horilka which is an alcoholic beverage.

Average Temperature of UkraineUkraine has a temperate continental climate, except the southern coast of Crimea which has subtropical weather. Kiev has four distinct seasons: a chilly winter, a mildly warm summer and a cool autumn and spring. The climate is inspired through moderate heat, humid air coming from the Atlantic Ocean. The average annual temperatures of the country lie in between 5.5–7 °C(41.9–44.6 °F) in the north, to 11–13 °C (51.8–55.4 °F) in the south.